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by Whitney on October 2, 2010

feather nest

I know, right? Who needs another hopscotch and home blog? I debated the matter for months before ultimately deciding that I do, and that others may as well.

Here’s why: while {:.}nesting season is bound to address many of the same evergreen topics as our other favorite blogs, it will do so through a unique lens. The focus here isn’t on how to do, although I will share well-gleaned sources and anecdotes as I, too, navigate the rocky waters of parenting and home management. Nor is it about how to endure. While I certainly spend some days counting down each impossibly long minute, {:.}nesting season goes beyond getting through, focusing instead on how to enjoy those wild seas.

Too often I hear empty nesters lament the fleeting nature of years spent raising a family. “The days go slow, but the years go fast,” they say, and with three kids ranging from infancy to school age, I already see the truth in that statement.

I’ve spent much of the last several years trying to create the perfect childhood for my kids, and while I do think I’ve done right by them, I haven’t always done right by me. I managed to create some memorable moments, but I was often too stressed to enjoy them. Thankfully, I began to find my way. My hope is that recording my efforts here will keep me on that path, and that sharing my process will help some of you to blaze your own trails.

{:.}nesting season is less about any one element of parental life and more about the coming together of those elements in a way that supports the whole parent. In essence, this means getting into a life rhythm that works for you, enabling you to find balance and space so that you may nurture yourself as you do others. We’ll discuss ways to feather our nests to simplify, keep, and inspire; and we’ll begin to reframe parental responsibilities as opportunities.

Starting now.

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