1st birthday party in the orchard

October 25, 2010

perfect weather, an apple-centric picnic, homemade bunting, close friends and family . . . details to come

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halloween bat mobile

October 21, 2010

A while back, I saw a bat chandelier in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog and considered getting it. Since it takes me eons to make any decision, the impulse passed and I got caught up in the next wave of holiday decor. Still, the simplicity of the chandelier stuck with me. This summer I deconstructed [...]

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do what you love, at home with kids

October 17, 2010

What did you do with free time before kids? Curl up with a good book? Tackle a rewarding home improvement project? Or maybe you went out; to a gallery, a ball game, a favorite boutique. Chances are, the way you fill your days is different now. Chores, errands, even fun-time with the kids can turn [...]

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my kid, my muse-style

October 12, 2010

My kids inspire me daily. Goose, especially, opens my eyes to new wardrobe options. Here, she wears a colorful paisley headband-as-belt over a black and white paisley strapless dress (adult top). I’m digging the combo of similar patterns with different colorways. shirt/dress: Urban Outfitters, circa fuhevah ago

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Alphabeasties and Other Amazing Types

October 9, 2010

For new readers, creative fonts can be more frustrating than fun. When Goose first began reading, she struggled with any atypical typeface. Design nerd that I am, I let this frustration open the door for a discussion about typography. With my four year old. We discussed how a loopy B and a spiky B both [...]

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how to pack a wholesome lunch your kid will eat

October 4, 2010

School has started here, and with it, the lunchbox crunch. What to pack, how to pack it, will it be eaten, will it be enough? I missed the mark last year, and day after day I’d find the half of the lovingly prepared, wholesome lunch I’d so cleverly presented left untouched. Since Goose is an [...]

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because the years go fast

October 2, 2010

I know, right? Who needs another hopscotch and home blog? I debated the matter for months before ultimately deciding that I do, and that others may as well. Here’s why: while {:.}nesting season is bound to address many of the same evergreen topics as our other favorite blogs, it will do so through a unique [...]

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