last minute halloween costume

by Whitney on October 30, 2010

We love assembling costumes with items gathered from around the house. These looks were thrown together for an Alice in Wonderland themed party, and the idea is easily translated to complementary costumes for siblings.

For the Queen of Hearts:

  • Raid the closet and dress-up stash for all things red. Use a long dress or skirt as your base. Black, white, and metallics all pair nicely and conjure the royal card image. A flipped up collar or wrapped scarf conveys an Elizabethan air. We topped a Renaissance gown with a short Chinese dress.
  • Accessorize appropriately. I wound red pipe cleaners into a heart shape in the center of an old plastic crown, and topped off the look with a silver heart locket. Think hearts and jewels and you can’t go wrong.

For a card (from the Queen’s court, of course):

  • Break out the red dress, or pair a red top or bottom with black and/or white.
  • Fan together three playing cards from suit of hearts. Bobby pin the trio, hearts out, to hair. Done.

This would also be cute on a baby: anything red + hat or headband with cards attached. (Adhesive Velcro, or a large piece of folded over duct tape should do it.).

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